Can't load projects - Cubase crashes 9/10 projects

What the hell is going on Steinberg??? now you got me steamed

loading 10 different cubase 9.5 projects in Cubase 10 - 1 worked - that’s right ONE!!

I did install some new discs but everything is basically the same, I don’t get errors - Cubase just shuts down. so clean install, please don’t tell me I have to install cubase 9.5

The same here…figured out cubase can’t load some plugins. My list so far:

ReLab LX480
All Softube plugins

Installed Cubase 9.5, everything works flawlessly. Thanks Steinberg for letting me help you pad your quarterly income numbers by releasing a useless update that you actually charged €99 for. what a letdown.

Oh and BTW, after I installed 9.5 now v10 won’t even start.

same question. Cubase10 simply can’t open the previous project. Always suddenly die.

Same problem here :angry:
about 25% of Cubase 9,5-projects doesn´t open in Cubase 10

We are actually discussing this already here:

Fragmentation doesn’t make sense.

My Cubase 10 crash problem got a basic solution through my three days of hard work and repeated testing. The problem is mainly in one software: McDsp. All of the company’s plugins have collided with the existing Cubase10 and caused a sudden crash. Uninstalling my Cubase10 will now work fine. I hope that Steinberg can solve this problem in the next version. Hope can help everyone.

it seems my problem is custom color schemes in old projects… yikes, oh well I guess it will be updates in a few months