Can't load some VST3 plug-ins

Hi guys,
I’ve just installed Cubase Essential 5, and everything works fine
some of the VCT3 plug-ins.
I have done as some who has encountered the same problem, suggests, like going into Plug-In Information, and trying to activate the plug-ins, but I can’t activate them.
Does anyone know what else to do ? Are there other ways to activate the plug-ins?
There also pops up a window every time I start Cubase, reporting on missing files.
Shall/can I do something about that?
Any help would be deeply appreciated.
I’m really desperate to get started.


If you mean the VST3 plugins that come with Cubase, then something has gone badly wrong with your installation. I would suggest uninstalling and re-installing.

Hi there !
Thanks for your reply.
I talked to a friend of mine, who’s an experienced Cubase user, and he suggested that I installed the program on another computer ( I have two), which I did.
And success !!! It works properly :slight_smile:
Maybe not as much an advice, but a success for me, that I wanted to share with y’all

Best regards,