Can't Load Track Presets

I can save and see the track presets in the list but they do not load to another track
I’m using 9.5.21 is this a known bug ?


What kind of track is it? Is there any specific in the track?

Hi martin,
It’s a Stereo Audio track.
I’ve had more time to look today and it seems the only thing that loads is the inserts.
I’ve tried from both the project page and the mixer but it is the same.

As far as I know, Volume and Pan is not loaded, if you load it to the already existing track, to don’t break your mixer.

Hi Martin
I’ve had another look.
It saves and loads as far as the equaliser everything to the right of the equaliser does not save and load
So volume, pan and sends are not loaded


I would say, this is, how the specification is.

OK Thanks Martin.
On previous versions everything saves and loads.
It is not a problem as I now know.