Can't load VST Sound Loop Set

Hi all,

Just bought the Dubstep VST Sound Loop Set but I have a bit of trouble with it.
I can’t find out with what VST Instrument i can load the samples.
I have since today Cubase Artist 6 and tried to load it with Halion Sonic SE, but i couldn’t find a load button.

Also, i can’t find on the product page of the VST Sound Loop Set with what program you can view the samples.
It only says “VST Sound Loops Sets are compatible with Sequel 2 or higher, Cubase/Cubase Studio/Cubase Essential 4.5 or higher and Cubase 6/Cubase Artist 6/Cubase Elements 6.”

When i click on “Add Track Using Track Preset” in Cubase Artist 6, i see the folder with it’s sub folders, but can’t load them with anything.
I googled and searched the Steinberg Forum how to load the samples or load something with an .vstsound extension, but couldn’t find a thing.

If someone can help me that would be great!
Also, if i need an additional program please let me know!


The Loop set is a collection of loops. These loops you will find in the MediaBay.

Please open the MediaBay and click on the left corner bottom on “Setup Windows Layout (SHIFT + F2)”. Please check here “Define Locations”. Now you can select the folder of the sound you want to see.



Yes, thank you!
Now I can see everything!

How do you get the loop onto a Cubase track? What kind of track do you use? Could you give a brief explanation? Thanks.

If you double click on the loop in loop browser or media bay etc it will automatically load the loop into an audio track in the project you are working on. If you haven’t already created an audio track it will make one for you and the loop within it.

Hope that helps,