Can't load waveforms/samples?

I’m trying to load the samples, I’m getting a directory list when I click on the arrow, and I can select the sample, but then nothing loads - all the presets seem to be fine though, can anyone help?

Thanks very much!

Drag n drop from mediabay

Like this? It doesn’t seem to work, I can drag a wave file across and a + will appear when I drag the sample over the “LCD screen” in Padshop, but then nothing happens - also, I can’t find the same list of samples that’s in the browser view form inside padshop itself, any idea where it would be located?
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 22.09.52.jpg

For custom wave/sample import from mediabay you need to use Padshop Pro.

So the regular bundled samples that come with padshop won’t load when you click on them?

When you say browser view, do you mean mediabay? What you see there are presets not samples/waves. When you click on the triangle in the padshop wave display, those are the actual wave files used in presets. To see the names that correspond with mediabay you need to click on the preset browser at the top of the plugin window.

I don’t know if this helps, but let’s see :slight_smile:

Hey! Thanks very much, I missed your reply somehow :blush: - but yeah, that was exactly what was going on. I solved it by upgrading to Cubase Pro 8.5 (hahaha - £110 quid well spent!) and it now behaves sort of like you’d expect apart from when I tried the bundled samples by themselves in Padshop they sounded really degraded and covered in noise - maybe I’ve got a setting messed up somewhere?

It’s really hard to get a sample to sound 1:1 to the raw original in Padshop. The default settings are already granulated.
I almost wish there were a mix knob to parallel the entire synth engine.


Thats my only complaint with Padshop, but it really isn’t that big of a deal.

To play back the sample you need to dial up the speed setting.
If you have the speed set to <0% you also have to use longer and multiple grains.

Let’s say you have speed at 50% your grain number needs to be at least 3. This fills the gaps, otherwise you get a tremolo effect. Set grain duration to <50. I always go for 100 to be safe. This lets the sample determine the pitch and timbre rather than the grain generator. (also called a long grain sample)

If you then dial up the random position dial to the left of the wave display, this will help alleviate phase shifting from overlapping grains.

Thanks! I’ve downloaded the manual as well, as it’s made me realise I really haven’t got a clue how this synth works :smiley:

Padshop Pro presets work fine it seems and new samples are used for each preset. In any case the “select samples” triangle does not offer samples. I had used Padshop Pro years ago on another PC and it worked just fine.

I installed Cubase 10.0.30 and this did not help.
My PC, Windows 10 64bit.

As it turns out I cannot get a sound out of Padshop Pro where as Retrologue works just fine.
Tried both in Cubase and Bidule.