Can't locate my plugin library (BBCSO) in Cubase after transferring both to new SSD

Hi, I just reinstalled Cubase Pro 11 and Windows 10 on my new SSD, and I also moved my Spitfire folder containing the BBC Symphony Orchestra to my new SSD. I installed Cubase first and it started up and worked fine, and then I installed the Spitfire Audio app and signed into my account. After I signed in, I noticed the library had a big red button with an exclamation point on it next to it. I clicked the ‘repair’ button for one of them and after that finished, it all looked normal again and all the sections(Brass, Strings, etc) said ‘installed’ again. I opened Cubase again and tried to load a BBCSO instrument but it wouldn’t show up in Cubase anywhere. I tried downloading one of Spitfire’s LABS libraries and once that downloaded I was able to load and use it in Cubase right away.

Any ideas why BBCSO won’t show up in Cubase? Thanks!

Did you set the correct path under Studio → VST-Plugin-Manager?

In the bottom of the following screen (German language) you might just have forgotten to tell Cubase where it has to look for other libraries and/or plugins other than the stock content.

In my case it is the line at the very bottom position, the path on drive G:, which houses all the non-Steinberg stuff I use. Then just re-scan everything and it’ll show up in Cubase.

(By the way, great choice with BBCSO Core. I got it recently myself and am really impressed. Although I know very little about orchestration aside few elements, being prepared to suck for a very long time on this topic, while trying to grasp the theory and music slowly. But toying around with these wonderful instruments and articulations is really fun)

Hey thanks for the response! I just tried checking the VST plugin manager area again and selecting each path one by one and rescanning, but they haven’t shown up at all yet. I’m kind of guessing it has something to do with how I transferred BBCSO from the old drive to my new SSD. I simply selected my entire Spitfire folder and dragged/moved it to my SSD. Maybe I placed it in the wrong spot where Cubase doesn’t know how to find it? I don’t know if it makes any difference, but the order I did it all in was first I installed Windows on the SSD, then moved BBCSO from old drive to SSD, then reinstalled Cubase, and finally redownloaded the Spitfire app. Like I mentioned before, I was able to download and use LABS plugins, so I even tried moving BBSCO to that same folder where the LABS downloaded so Cubase could find it, but that didn’t work either. I wonder if it would help at all if I reinstalled Cubase and/or transferred BBCSO back to the old drive and then back to the SSD again? I’m kind of puzzled by it all.

(Yes, BBCSO sounds amazing! I’m really grateful to have been able to get it. It has so many articulations and since I was able to get Professional, it also has the millions of mic positions, which I’m just barely starting to dig into and experiment with.)

Understandibly downloading the entire library again (600 something gigs I think) is not something you’d want or can be done in a short time for the majority of people. With my 100 MBit connection this also would take some time as well. And there’s enough people with a less good connection as well …

Sorry if I keep recommending obvious stuff, but did you try moving the library as directed here on the support pages?

I remember having to play around with the Locate function a bit on my new machine (SSD died) even for the LABS stuff, which is usually tiny. But I wanted to learn as well in advance, how this works. Like if the Core Symphony stops to work some day suddenly, although the 40 gigs are no issue to download in a short time.

Otherwise it’d feel really weird, if the Spitfire Audio plugin itself sees everything from LABS but not the BBCSO (as you kept the same folder structure). If you really tried everything, I’d just blindly guess something wrong with folder permissions although I really doubt it on a brand new drive/SSD.
Otherwise reaching out for Spitfire’s support might the best way, depending on how quick they answer, due to having the weekend now.

No prob, I appreciate the advice and I’m fairly new to Cubase so it wouldn’t be surprising if I missed something obvious. I tried doing what those support pages said, but it hasn’t worked so far unfortunately. I’ve tried repairing it, locating it, and even resetting and installing BBCSO Discover again, but Cubase just can’t seem to find it anywhere. I may just try reinstalling Windows and Cubase soon and see if that helps. It’s weird because the Spitfire Audio app looks perfectly normal and BBCSO and LABS are installed and show up there just like normal, and I tried telling Cubase to look in the folder on my SSD where the 600 GB of instruments are, but Cubase just never recognizes it.

BTW, do you happen to remember what you did with the Locate function that eventually got LABS working?

I’m good to go now! I didn’t actually solve the problem, but I just went ahead and redownloaded it all, and now it works perfectly. Thanks again for the suggestions.