Can't Lock Project Window to Editor Window

If I double click a MIDI event and the editor window appears at the bottom, I have the chain icon I can click to lock the upper and lower windows so they have the same zoom and move in the same amounts. When I try this with an audio event, the icon is not available. The manual says “You cannot activate Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors if Independent Track Loop is active.” I believe I found the independent track loop icon (next to the Play icon) and I’ve tried clicking it off and on but still no chain icon. Is there something else I’m missing?

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This feature is available for the Key- and Drum Editors only.

Thanks a bunch Martin, that was driving me crazy!

Update: I learned by accident the window lock icon does appear if an audio event is selected and a user chooses Audio-Hitpoints-Create Slices. It doesn’t seem to appear any other time. The manual, page 73 says “You can link cursors and zoom factors of the project zone and the Key Editor, Drum Editor, and the Audio Part Editor in the lower zone. Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors is not available in the Sample Editor.”. So it seems it was intended for the window lock function to work in the Audio Editor?


Audio Part Editor Is a different editor than Sample Editor (Audio Events editor).