can't log in, can't get support to log in, account gone?

Hi all,
I’d love to get the new update. I tried to log in to Steinberg to download it. I was told my password or email or username is no good. I tried both my user name and my email. No go. I tried to get a new password. I was told my email does not exist. I tried to write to Steinberg support. I was told I need to log in for support – but my log in doesn’t work!

I saved my password carefully. I even tried the one originally sent. Nothing works. My email is not on file.

Short of creating a new account – which, of course, will not be linked to my Dorico purchase – I don’t know what to do.


Thank you,
David Froom

I think you should able to download the update here without signing in:

Be aware that the forum login and mySteinberg login are two separate things. Maybe you mixed these?

Thanks. I found and downloaded the update from within Dorico. I look forward to exploring the improvements!

I did not confuse the log ins. Somehow, my Steinberg account has vanished. I’ll worry about that later…


If you need help recovering your MySteinberg account, I suggest you email and ask for their assistance.

Thank you Daniel!