Cant log in for download links

Hello, I have a problem with loging in into my steinberg account and downloading the product I have bought. The password reset does not work and links to the download from my email are not working. I can only log in only to: but I can not access here

Any solution or contact for quick support?

My email for log in is filetall[at]

Kind regards and thank you
Jan Petřík

And you actually created a MySteinberg Account??..not your shop account which is different.

Yes, I have tried to register again but it didnt work,it sayd: error email has been alredy used. forgot password didnt work too.


I’m sending you a PM.


I also cant log into mysteinberg account. My password dont work, the temporarily password from steinberg dont work, and after changing the password on my account from the ipad, (always logged in), it STILL say invalid password. What to do now? I am going to transfer a elements license to a new computer, so I need to login. Hj ( I can also log into the forum without probs)

Hi, sent you a PM.

thanks, I am back in now!

I just bought the UR22 and have been attempting to download the software. I’ve entered the download access code and have received the additional code, but when I click on pc download nothing happens. I’ve tried this for several hours. One time I received a message at the bottom of the screen that said no socket available. Any ideas on what I need to do to get this working? Thanks