Can't log in to the forum, forced to reinitialise password repeatedly

Hello all,

Sorry if not posting in the right place, but there doesn’t seem to be any category fitting my question.

I’ve experienced repeated bugs with my steinberg account and password to log into the forums.
When entering my email and password to log in, it says my email address isn’t linked to any account, while it obviously is. I end up having to reinitialise my password, and I can access the forum like right now. However, when logging out and trying to log back again a few minutes later, the same repeats. Email not recognised, have to reinitialise again.

I have tried logging in from the latest versions of safari and firefox, on a MacBook Pro 14 inch M1 pro running Monterey. This had never happened on my previous 2015 Macbook running Mojave.

Any help greatly appreciated!


Have you done the routine browser fixes like clearing cache, cookies, site data?

Hello Steve,

Thank you for your answer.
No, I haven’t tried that. Right now I’m trying to solve an issue on the Dorico forums so I’m too afraid to log out and have to go through the same again.

How do you clear caches, cookies, and site data on safari ? Is it by using the “empty cache” command on the “Developer” menu ?

I’m on Windows, but:
here’s a search for “How do you clear caches, cookies, and site data on safari”

I had what sounds like a very similar issue. One day about two months ago, I couldn’t log into the Steinberg Forums. I could still get into my account at Steinberg Shop and, but not on the forums. No luck under 3 different browsers. No change after resetting cookies, clearing cache or site data. Couldn’t even change the password. I had to contact Steinberg support, and actually over a time period of a few weeks they were able to fix something on their end. Essentially they had to delete my current accounts, create new ones, then link them all back together.
All works now.
so, you may need to contact Steinberg support.

Thank you for your feedback and your experience on the matter.
As of today I haven’t had the courage to log out of my Steinberg account to test this again. The day my browser asks me to log in again, and if I can’t do so, I’ll be sure to contact Steinberg support to resolve the issue.

Thank you for your help!