Can't login to MySteinberg, WHY?(SOLVED)

I try to login as I’ve done for many years, but now I only get told that I have to wait for a verification code, and when it arrives at my email it doesn’t work. So how do I get into MySteinberg account then?
I’ve tried for several days now, on 3 different computers, same result………. = no Luck!

Sternberg, Steinberg

Steinberg, oh course! :slight_smile:

Heh… okay then. Are you doing a password reset or what exactly? I just tried that, received the code, and typed it in and it worked.

Are you going to initially?

Does the login page look like the image attached?

Yes, Steve.
I am at the right Place, and recieve the code (done it 11 times since yesterday evening) type it into the boxes, but get the Message “run out of time” or “invalid” every time. I have an ongoing suppot ticket, got an answer to type in the code imidiatly, which I’ve done, but no solution yet.
I have been here, using Steinberg Products for 25 years, never experienced anything like this.

2 more codes the last 5 minutes.

Tried to reset my pasword, but are only send back to the same window asking for verification code. It’s a circel I can’t get out of!!

I’m Sorry, I don’t have any other ideas, I tried the reset password and it worked, even via VPN.

The verification code was delayed in my email-program, and as the code is valid only for a Limited time frame, I was not able to input it in the verification slots in time, so i was denied access.
By the help of Steinberg support, I got a manually provided code, and VOILA! case solved.
Many thanks to the support!
Jon Buer