Can't Login to MySteinberg


I can’t seem to login to MySteinberg. When I try I get the message “Email / and or password invalide. lease try again” (This message popsup for about 1 second, really annoing, please don’t let error messages dissapere!!)

When I try a password reset I get " Account doesn’t exist"

And when I try to create a new account it states “The email address you have entered is already in use”

Apart from that there is no way I can contact Steinberg support online without a MySteinberg Account. This is not very customer friendly.

Please help!

Best regards,
Terry Deen

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I have the same problem. I’m fetching the login credentials from keychain but it won’t work.

Try to do a password reset

EDIT: Fixed it by calling support

I also cant login to “MySteinberg”.

I forgot my password, so I tried the reset function- but the password it gives me doesn’t work either

I did the reset and it worked.

Same, cant log in, reset did not work, wrote a post in another thread, maybe this thread is better?

I have similiar problem, but the e-mail adress I used before doesnt work anymore, so I cannot get the new password. Is there any way to change that e-mail? I don’t remember the password, but have all the licenses on it. Cannot put them on a new account since they’re registered on the old one:/

I have now also Problem with Login. I try the reset, then login with new Password. Then if I want to change the temp. PW I get automatically Logout! “FAQ!!!” :wink:
Can anybody help me?!?

I have the same problem…

I can’t login to MySteinberg… which I have since 2008.

When I ask for new password it says “first activate your account”… (it doesn’t work too).
If I try to make a new account using the same email the message is that there is already an account whithin…

At the end I can’t find any link or email to ask for some help… :confused:

Is there any way to find a solution please?

Thanks for your time…