Cant loose the error message-cd text**album and track title info.etc

hi guys just loaded the trial version of waveLab .
i am trying to write a red book (cd) file and evt .send the file to press.
what have i done wrong
i have filled in all the song titles completely as well as the title.
but i keep getting this message.:

"Error with CD-Text: the album and tracktitle inormation is mandatory and may not be omitted "

i have done this and even reset and done it again but to no avail
what have i missed or done wrong ??

If you’re getting that message, it’s likely some info is really missing. It could be helpful to share a screen shot of your CD Tab so we can see what might be missing.

hi there
thank you ,
i will do as soon as i get home tonight
wow i am amazed that you where the one that answered my post … i am awestruck…
thanks Justin

I Had not copied the markers.
All good now , thanks Justin.
to Say i am a fan of your work is an Understatement.
so Thanks once again.

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No problem. Sometimes it’s a bug but often times with error messages like you described, it’s some kind of user oversight which can easily happen for new users of WaveLab.

Without a screen shot or more info, it wasn’t really possible to say more.

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