Can't Make Channel Colors Match

Hi Folks,

I searched and could not seem to find anything addressing my question, so here goes: I’m having problems changing track colors in older projects (Projects were created in SX, Cubase 4 and 6.x).

Let’s say I want to change a track color from yellow to orange.

I can selected assign yellow to the GUI, but the rendered waveform graphic will not change at all. That is, it is orange on the left side GUI (the new color) and yellow on the right (the original color and the image of the waveform). It does this with all colors. I can assign the colors manually at the bottom of the faders, but again this does not affect the color of the waveform.

I’ve tried deleting images from the file and reopening the projects. The original color will not go away. I am unable to change or remove the colors.

Is this a know issues? Is there something I’m missing? It’s (almost literally) driving me to distraction.

The color tool has ‘returned’.

Now the “default color” color is that of the track. So just select all events and go to the color menu in the toolbar and select “Default Color”

It’s a definite improvement, imo.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile: