Can't make EQ or mix changes (settings immediately snap back)

Hi all,

I am using Cubase 11 (because I had a track using Mystic when Cubase 12 was released). I am really sorry if this has been addressed somewhere - I couldn’t find anything.

So, when I move any fader or attempt to alter any EQ on my track (which has 18 channels) it immediately snaps back as if the track is locked. And yet none of my tracks are locked. For example: Just now, I was trying to move the volume of all tracks down via the mixconsole and after Q-linking them and dragging them down, they all immediately snapped back up.
Why is everything acting like it’s locked when it’s not?

This is most likely caused by having Automation Read enabled. The controls are just returning to whatever their automation value is. You can suspend Reading & Writing Automation by using the “A” button.