Can't make Multiple pre-recorded Midi Tracks Output to mult. VST

I was wondering if it’s possible or did i do something wrong, when I have 2 Midi Tracks play simultaneously, output to 2 different Instrument, only the first one would work, I just can’t select the second one to output to any of the things available.
In addition to this, the Layer with which I try to link the Midi, wouldn’t link to a Mini input anymore, unless I restart the Programm.
Another thing is, if I click Solo on one Track, it won’t solo this track, but Solo the Channel of the Song in the Mixer Pannel.
BTW I’m still using 1.0.20, the update won’t start either.
VST Live Element, Windows.
Thank you.



You have selected the second MIDI Track and you cannot open the context menu to select an instrument? I cannot reproduce that one. Can you give me some more details? That’s wha I am doing :
. Start VL, create new Project, select TRACKS
. Add MIDI Track, open the Inspector and open the context menu for “Select Output Device”
. Select a MIDI Input Device with the context menu for “Select Input Device”
. Activate Monitor and Record button of the track
. Start Recording and play some notes
. Stop Recording, de-activate monitor and record button, Rewind Transport and start Playback. → All fine
. Create second MIDI Track and do the same
. Rewind Transport and Start Playback → All fine.

I think I need some more details
. Start VL, Create New Project, Select LAYERS
. And Now?

If you solo a MIDI track the Song will be solo’ed, too. That’s correct. The track is a sub-channel of the Song.

We’ll fix it soon!

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Thank you for you reply!
Strangely I can’t reproduce the Problem in a new File either. I’ll start a new project and keep an eye on it.
But the Solo thing is still there, it solo the Channel of the song, but automatically mute the VST channel I’m outputting in the Mixer, so if I want to check one track, I must solo the track first, then go to mixer to free its Instrument.
Then if I accidently soloed something in Tracks and other in Mixer, turn them all back on would be a little fumble because of the complicate logic of toggle between Tracks and Mixer.
Thank you!



first get the latest 1.0.31 Installer here. This will fix your Elements crash.
We’ll have a look into your solo problem. Thank you.

See you

Works like a charm (and you fix the R button so you don’t need to push them twice!) Thank You!

Hallo again. I think I found out how to trigger the pre-rec track output Problem.
If the layer where you’re outputting was duplicated from another one, somehow you won’t be able to output through the new one, until you delete the original one.


Trying to reproduce this, but to no avail.
Could you provide a step-by-step sequence how to reproduce it? Thanks!

Regarding soloing: I’ve seen something similar in that sometimes I can’t solo a track but if I click to another track and then come back to the original one I can then solo it. I think at the time I’d imported some tracks and was rearranging them prior to trying to solo.