Can't make tracks invisible when sharing a project

I’m sharing a project with a collaborator and want to make some of the tracks invisible to him as I have a large template with a bunch of empty tracks, so there’s no point in cluttering up things on his end. However, I uncheck the “visible” boxes for the appropriate tracks, but then when I press the “synch project” button, ALL tracks re-check their “visible” status and the whole project uploads. Am I missing something here?

I’m having the same exact issue.
Large template but only want to send specific tracks.
I uncheck upload boxes, hit sync project, all boxes get rechecked.
Uploads entire project.


we are sorry: that’s a bug. We are currently working on a fix.

See you,

How is this bug fix coming along?
I have big workload with a songwriting partner and would prefer to use transit.

… we are really trying to get the update published. Sorry for delay. If you cannot wait for the release, please get in contact with me and drop me a mail “m.spork at

See you,

No worries, I can wait.
There are others methods I am using now.
Transit is a much better way.


I ran into the same problem Are there any news about an upcoming solution?

Thanks in advance !

we’re fighting to get it out.

The bug is still there. When will this be fixed?


Yeah i have the same problem… this post is already a year old now.
Is this update coming or is VST Transit already abandonware?

Sorry, it just takes forever to get all versions thru testing. Definitely not abandoned, we’ll keep you posted.

… version 1.5.22 is out and fixed the visibility issue. See you, Michael.

That’s great. Noticed it works now. Thank you!