Can't merge all windows

I’ve got two Mac Ventura systems I’ve tested this out on - I can’t Merge All Windows. Instead I have a new file always opening in a new window, even if I have setup in Apple System Settings → Desktop & Dock → ‘Prefer tabs when opening documents’

I also can’t drag a tab to another open window where I see the tab bar. I did search the forums and the suggestion was to make sure proper settings were setup in Apple Settings. Maybe I’m overlooking another setting??

My understanding is that the tabs are for multiple views of the same project - like having a score, midi score, and part layouts easy to flip between.

The issue I think that’s posed by what you’re talking about with how Dorico is set up, is that each window is a separate project, with the tabs being part of that project. You can see at the top of a given window how it’s labeled with the project name. I’m not sure if or how you’d keep track of the different tabs being related to different projects in the same window would work, as the tabs are labeled by the layout you have them assigned to.

I suppose they could add some wordy function to have the project name included in the name on the tabs, but that would make each tab title quite long when it has both project and layout on each one.

It does occur to me that they could do some sort of “nested” tabs approach, where a very high level zone would be tabs per project, and then nested inside that would be the current implementation of tabs, which could be cool.

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You can’t merge windows belonging to multiple projects, I’m afraid.

Thanks for the clarification - I understand the approach here and why it is so with Dorico now. I guess I didn’t really think this function through, and just supposed that all “windows” could be consolidated like one does in a browser, or even Photoshop.

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