Can't mixdown as mp3?

I just recently found out that most cubase users have an export audio mixdown to mp3 option… which I don’t have! Through the mail I bought Cubase Artist 7, and have installed it only running into problems with one small insert. But as with my previous version (elements 6) I again didn’t have an option to export to mp3. I would make a wav and then convert with itunes… not very good for the quality. Does anyone know why mp3 wouldn’t show up? I have all the other options, but no mp3. Any help would be appreciated!

Unlimited MP3 export is only available with the full version of Cubase. For lesser versions you need to purchase the MP3 Upgrade Patch …

I believe that is an optional add on for Cb Artist

Ah yes both of you are right. I am just glad it is not some problem with my license.