Cant monitor vocals while tracking.. Help..Please .

Thank you . I spent a few days on this and now I need professional help…

While recording a mono audio track the output does not come thru the stereo main bus. So even with the control room panel turned “off,” and track monitoring enabled, ( by the little speaker icon located on that track, “lit up”) there is no output sound availible for that track.

Once the recording has stopped, the track can be played back normally thru the main stereo bus. This makes recording vocals impossible, as one must be able to hear themself in the headphones while tracking.

What I notice while solo’d, is… The actively recording track metering registering a signal present while monitoring is enabled, but the main stereo output meter does not register anything leaving the Main Output Channel ( as if there were no signal output while the recording is happening).

Tho, once recording is stopped, the newly recorded event can be played back without any problem.
Its as if Cubase is blocking the thru signal of the recording track.
The controll rom has not been activated, and so it should default to the main stereo buss?

My sound card has a “disable asio direct monitoring” check box that I have not turnned off ( but still I tried it both ways to be sure).
On another note I haven’t experienced any problems with the midi recording aspect, of course its the same sound card, but midi is data.

My sound card is set to 48000Hz sample rate, and 256 buffer size.
I record one audio track at a time.
I use a M-audio Delta192, with the latest driver installed versn 6.0.8.
I7 asus P8Z68-V mobo.
80 gig ssd, 16ram
1 tb + 500 gb hdd.
Cubase version 5.5.3 ,
I was a Sx user for about 5 years as a hobbie on my older pc system, and so stepped up to own Cubase 5.
I need help Im realy exhausted.

Thank you to all for trying.
Sincerely, BO’gz

It does sound very much like a direct monitoring problem! do you have an insert FX in the vocal channel?

Try the Direct Monitoring Off again, make sure it is really Off by restarting Cubase.

Can you monitor the vocal when it is not in record mode? If you can’t find the actual problem, use the direct monitoring capability of your Delta. Take the physical output (on the Delta) of the recording channel and run it into the other input channel that’s not record enabled. That is of course if you can get any monitoring at all when the track is not record enabled.

Eh Thank you All Soo much…
It’s True… It does take a whole village to raise a child. hahha.
Okay this is what I learned from Steinberg’s great team, tech support is awesome.
I needed to Reset my Cubase 5, because something might have been installed incorrectly, so this helped to eleminate any hidden problems my initial setup could have caused.

C: \ Users \ " Your Folder " \ AppData \ Roaming \ Steinberg
In there delete any and all Cubase folders.

Then restart Cubase and reapply the ASIO driver and Auto Monitoring settings.

This workd for me… and Ive been RESURECTED with this Easter long weekend.
I wont forget you at the Juno’s… :smiley:
Its a BLESSING, like water to an elephant, to have your upport when I have fallen.
Thank You ALL.

Yours Truely

That’s called trashing your prefs. :wink: