Can't move circles in condensed divisi

I cannot move the circles in the voices, to tuck them apart a little. I cannot find any engraving option that applies, either. Is this expected? With the circle selected, I press either alt+right or alt+left, to no avail. Other staves work fine.
By the way, I cannot select the rest underneath the beam in Engrave mode either, although I can select the rest in the first voice.

IIRC one moves the circles and squares using the arrow keys (w/ OPT/ALT or CMD/CTRL + OPT/ALT , not the mouse, if that is what you have tried so far.

Yes, keyboard is what I tried. It doesn’t work.

Which note are you trying to move? The offset middle note of the “chord”?

The dyad. Selecting either circle or the small square, none of them move. Not even the E. On the stave above, things work as expected.

Can you move any of the other dyads in the measure. Is the limiting factor that notes can only be moved so close to the bar line?

It doesn’t matter which one is it. Any note within a divisi condensed stave is impossible to move with the circle or little square. I’ve tried condensed sections of vln I and II and violas.

I’ll need to look into this further but as I’m on a quick sweep of the forum tonight to catch up after several days of not having time to look at it, I’m not going to be able to investigate right now. I’ve bookmarked this thread and will come back to it when I have time.

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