"Can't" move clips after drag and drop importing from my Sample Manager

Hey there, I am using the ADSR Sample Manager. It’s an open source sample manager with which you can mark a certain region of your sample and drag and drop it into Cubase or where ever you want really.
So far so good. The Problem I experienced is, that when I import a clip that way, i cant move any clips inside Cubase anymore. So far I could work around this, by repeating the process a second time. After that i could move the again.
I think there is something that gets activated/ deactivated when i drag and drop import a clip or something. I am really not sure what it is, but couldn’t find anything online so far. Not sure how to search for this anyway. The Clips are active and i can play them back, but cant move them as if they were frozen in place. It only happens when i directly import from my sample manager, no problems with drag and drop otherwise.

Thanks in advance and best wishes,