Can't move events when creating a new empty project


I don’t know if this is a know issue but it sounds very strange. Sometimes when I create a brand new project using Empty template I can’t move event’s on project window or either move notes inside the key editor. I can insert, delete notes or change velocity, but I can’t move the note position using mouse.

This occur when I create a this new project just after closing a project created in a previous version (6.5) without restarting the entire cubase instance.

Reproducing the problem:

  • Open a old project (created in 6.5) version

  • Close the project

  • Create a new empty project

  • Insert a VST instrument

  • Draw one bar event

  • Open the event in key editor

  • Create some random notes

  • Try to move the notes to another position - You can’t using mouse but keyboard

  • Close the project and the cubase

  • Start cubase again

  • Insert the same VST and draw a midi event

  • Open the key editor insert random notes

  • When you use a mouse to move the note events, it works.

Any idea? :confused:




I have had exactly the same issue on different DAW on my Mac. It was permission problem.

Try to check permission of your system – read/write permission of your HDD/folders, administrator’s permissions, etc.

Thx Martin,

But I run Cubase with administrative privileges and I already changed the permissions on dedicated audio HD, this only happens following the steps I wrote above.