Can't move notes in key editor

Hi all,

I just updated to 6.0.4 and I’m having a problem in the key editor in multiple projects. I can’t figure out what exactly I’m doing to produce this issue, but it happens almost every time I am working in Cubase, after a certain period of time. Everything will be working as normal, I’ll be in the key editor moving notes around - then suddenly I won’t be able to move any notes. If I exit the KE and open any other parts, same behavior - can’t move any notes. I can delete them, but dragging or selecting multiple notes is unresponsive. Closing and reopening the project resolves the issue temporarily, but then it comes back after some time (or after some event - no idea what). Anyone else seeing this?


Go back to 6.03 and hopefully that’ll fix your issue. I personally had a lot of crashes with 6.04.

ok, cheers :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem as you. I can’t seem to move the notes in Key Editor after awhile.

Anybody kind enough to help?