Can't move, or open, enable / disable / bypass Insert slots

Hi guys!
When opening the channel settings, some of the slots work fine, but some are completely messed up.

Clicking on any of the down arrow, enable / disable, bypass or trying to open the plugin wont work, neither moving it to a different slot.
Moving another slot onto the broken ones also is showing the mouse icon as being not a draggable target.

Any ideas?
I can’t interact at all with Steinberg Imager, neither with FabFilter Q3 or FabFilter MB, the rest work fine.

Attempting the same on the mix console yields to the same results.


Have you tried to turn off “Constrain Delay Compensation”?

All the best,


Thanks sooo much!!!, yeah!, that was it! :slight_smile:

Maybe they need to show up in a different color or have some gui feedback…but anyway, thanks a lot! :wink:

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