Can't move selection from movement end bold double barline

After navigating with the arrow keys between the notes and getting to the bold double barline at the end of a movement, the arrow keys can no longer be used to navigate away from it. Is this a bug?

Screenshot attached, “stuck” on that barline unless I go to edit mode or use the mouse to select something else.


I’ve just reproduced your trivial project here. I cannot get to the final barline from the final note, using the arrow keys. It gets stuck, here:

How exactly did you get the final barline selected?

You can’t navigate to barlines with the arrow keys, but you can Tab to them. However, you should be able to navigate away again with the arrow keys, though because barlines are global and apply to all staves, you will certainly find that when you navigate back onto an item that belongs to only one staff, you will not navigate back onto the same staff as the one you navigated onto the barline from.

By selecting a note on the row above and to the right, and then pressing the down arrow.

You can: see the steps to reproduce in my comment above

In my case I couldn’t, at least not with any of the arrow keys: the selection was stuck on the double bar line.