Can't move Slash Region Endings

I try to shorten a slash region. See little Movie.
I mark the region. grab the ending with the mouse. Move the mouse to the left. Nothing happens.
In other cases, it just works, as shown in the clip, but mostly not.
What am I doing wrong?
Slash Region Ending (1.84 MB)

I think you’re actually ending up grabbing both the start handle of the next region and the end handle of the region you’re trying to adjust. You could try doing Shift+Alt+click to click “through” to the handle that belongs only to the ending region. Or you could select any slash in the previous region and reduce the length of it by a small amount using Shift+Alt+left, which will then make it possible to see the handle separately from the start of the next region.

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Ok. It has obviously sth to do with the fact, that the handle is showing up in the next section.