Can't move Voxengo plugins around screen


I normally use Wavelab on my studio PC however I’m working away from home so currently using Wavelab on my Macbook Pro for the first time. All plugins seem fine except for Voxengo plugins. Have tried Elephant and Span so far. If I restore a master section present (containing Elephant) then half the plugin appears off screen. I am unable to drag it back into the screen to work with it. Its fixed. If I create a new instance of a Voxengo plugin then it is fixed on screen. I can’t drag it anywhere. Any ideas?!

Are you using WaveLab 7.1.1?



I can confirm this on wavelab elements 7.1.1, too; it happens only if the “improved plugin menu bar” (I hope this is the right name, I’m running wavelab localized) is active (I have this option turned off because of some plugins, so I could not instantly reproduce this wrong behavior).

I have studied the problem: the Mac Voxengo plugin filters out mouse movement messages, as soon as you click on the title bar, which is not a part of the plugin. Hence WaveLab receives no hint to move the window.
This filtering is actually a bug of the plugin, as it filters out messages not belonging to it. I have no way to fix this. The Voxengo programmers should be told about this issue.

I have logged this with Voxengo and in discussion. Hopefully it can be fixed.