Can't open 10.0.30 because of license error

This happens E V E R Y D A Y for the past 8 days.

  • I click on Cubase
  • I get error “eLicenser Control Error. Click OK to Abort”
  • I abort and try again
  • Then I get error “No Valid License Found. Start License activation”
  • Have to dig up my License in my emails and re enter.
  • Then I get error: “Cannot find USB eLicenser”, even though the USB key is flashing or just solid lit (it changes depending on the day)
    -Then I change to another USB port (for the second time)
    -Now it works.

It doesn’t matter what port it is in. It has been in the same port for 4 years and working with previous versions of Cubase.
Whatever port it is in that day I go to open Cubase 10, thats the one that will give me trouble that day. I have to go through 3 ports before it will work.

Maybe the USB ports are shutting down to save power. Check power saving features?

Have you changed anything recently?

Yes, I upgraded to 10.0.30

No, these are Belkin powered USB hubs. Nothing goes to power save or sleep or shut down. I literally start up machine, or start it up from sleep mode from the day before, and it thats when it happens.

I see now there are several posts similar to mine now, so hopefully Steinberg is on this.