Can't open 64bit Cubase 7.5 in Yosemite?!


I recently made the switch from PC to Mac (I am required to use Logic Pro X at my school).
So far everything is great!..

However, I have Yosemite installed on my “Mid 2012 Macbook pro 15”, and so I had to use the-
“Steinberg Application Installer Tool For Yosemite” to be able to install my Cubase 7.5.
Now the thing is, It only opens in 32bit, which is a problem for me since my Waves-plugins are for 64bit.
These work fine in Logic Pro X (since it’s also 64bit).

I’ve tried uninstalling and Installing again 2 times over now to try to see if I skipped something during the install, but there were no options available during the install.


Cubase 7.5 is 32-bit and I want to run it at 64-bit in Yosemite.

Macbook pro 15" 2012
4 gb 1600mhz
500gb 5400rpm
Gt 650m

Yosemite 10.10.1

Cubase 7.5 version (I bought it about a month before they released Cubase 8, Yay…) :wink:

Thank you all, you damn lovely people!

Anyone have any ideas?

I’m currently recording/producing a EP and im trying to migrate it from my pc to my mac.