Can't open any of my past projects

what else can i try? I tried renaming the app data folder, removing VST folders from the project. Cubase crashes due to “APPCRASH” on opening. Cubase 8 and Cubase 7.5.

i tried making a blank new project file. Inserted only 2 plugins and then got a crash warning. Kontakt and then Inserted VEP.

“A serious problem has occurred”.

There is something majorly wrong with my PC probably due to an update or software installed. I lost my restore points as well…may have to restore or reinstall windows.

Thank the lord! Uninstalled a bunch of stuff and uninstalling Nektar Steinberg integration did the trick!

Frightening experience! However more often than not it is caused by something unexpectedly changed. Been ther3 and done that. Everyone on this forum would have experienced that sinking feeling. Glad you got it sorted.

Hi, sorry about this issue. Have you been able to reinstall the integration successfully?

Can you please set up a support ticket at so that we can try to identify what caused the problem in the first place?

Many thanks!


I did and Nektar support was very responsive and offered to set up a remote session. I may take them up on that offer, its just been busy