Can't open audio files - just get error messages

I recently installed SL 8.0.20 ‘One’ through the SB downloader as it is a recommended and free option under my Cubase 12 updates menu, and sounds very interesting. However I have so far failed to get the standalone SL (nice pink icon!) to open any audio files - tried a variety of standard stereo and mono wavs, even some MP3s, but every time I get an error saying firstly that the output pcm file could not be created, then showing the path to the default directory. Then having OK’d that I get a second error message say it was an unsupported file format. The wavs are just totally regular wavs as are the MP3s… various mixdowns from my many Cubase projects. This was completely ‘out of the box’ and since then the only change I have made is to set my UR44C as the default choice in SL’s audio prefs. It made no difference to the errors. Anyone seen this or have any ideas?

Hi @harpurnigel can you launch SpectraLayers, then go to Help > Support Info > Logs Folder and post here (or send to contact at divideframe dot com) the latest log file(s) in that directory ?

Thanks Robin, will do, sorry for delayed response, have been out and about. Only just got back so will do in the morning with a clearer head :blush:

Have emailed the logs as cannot upload txt files - it’s a puzzle!

Hold everything - I think I have a problem with some of my older files.
Sorry for false alarm with this post - as I said, clearer head now and some sort of problem to sort since last reinstall of studio OS and apps… oh dear… will mark post as closed if I can see how.

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