Everytime I try to open a effect plugin, I get an error. Does anyone know how to fix this?

What is the error you are receiving? Do you get the same error when you load the plugins in Cubase?

What operating system are you on? What version and build of FL Studio do you have installed? Thank you.

The error it gives me says “The Fruity Wrapper plugin has caused a critical error while loading its state. It is strongly advised to close the application and restart it, without trying to save your project. You will find a backup history of your projects in the Backup folder in the browser. Please contact your manufacturer about this problem.”

And I have never tried it on Cubase. Never even installed Cubase before.

I am on Windows 8 and I am using FL Studio 12.3 [Build 72] - 64 bit.

It sounds like FL is trying to use a wrapper rather than the normal VST Protocol. I would suggest contacting FL to see if they can verify the issue on their end. I would also recommend installing the Cubase AI that came with your hardware and testing the plugins there to verify they are working properly in a standard VST environment.

There is still a problem when trying to use the VST3s in FL Studio. Not sure if it is a Image Line (Fl Studio) or Steinberg-problem. I don’t have problems with any other plugins in FL Studio though, only with the Basic FX Suite VST3 plugins.

Edit: The strange thing is that the Morphing Channel Strip works! Only the guitar effects and Yamaha Rev-X are shown with a Error upon scanning. if this could help Steinberg to troubleshoot the issue.

The thread is here (not sure you can read it fully without login in…)

hey , were you able to solve this issue?

I have this exact same problem in Fl studio 20. It’s on a newly installed Windows laptop too!!! (had this same problem before)

Morphing is working but reverb & guitar amps arent!

any help would help :wink: