cant open c8 pro

i have just installed cubase on a virgin system ( new pc .i5 16gig ram. win7 64 .)
i cant even open c8 without getting the message
" Cubase 8 has stopped working"
any threads on what this may be ?

Anyone ?

i have gone to my support on my
i don’t think i will get an answer any time soon. would love to get things up and running before i hit the road again…errrr like tomorrow …

not certain what options i have left.
i have un installed it now four times … no change

anyone have an idea ??

Are you installing the 64 bit version?
Are you using the Full 9.1 GB installer?
Have you turned Windows Aero on?
Have you installed an audio Interface with latest drivers (with ASIO)?
Are all other system component drivers up to date?

Yes to all of the above.

even rescanned my e licences
i am running out of ideas
i sent the crash protocol to steinberg … but i cant see me getting any reply soon they look to be short staffed and winter holidays .
shit what can i try next??

thank you for you reply though

Looking through the crash report yourself (especially toward the end where it crashes) doesn’t give you any hint of what might be offending?

Try to see, if you can start Cubase 8 in save mode. You are entering save mode, by holding down…

+ + (Windows)
+ + (Mac OS X)

… right after your doubled clicked the Cubase icon. This will pupup a dialog, when you can choose to disable your Cubase profile, and by that see if Cubase will load. If Cubase then loads, you should “delete the Cubase preferences”, which then will enabled Cubase to build a new clean initialized profile.

You can check up on the start mode “save mode” stuff here:

If the above doesn’t help, then check up on windows updates, make sure you have the latest updates from Microsoft. And maybe more important, that your eLicenser working and is installed properly on a USB2 port + the eLicenser driver is proper installed. Check your windows “device manager”, just to see that the eLicenser driver is working, without having an exclamation mark stamped on it’s device manager entry.

As the other guys here are saying, an AERO theme need to be used. But I think you’ll get a warning, if you don’t have AERO enabled. But it’s good to check up on it :slight_smile:

this is the crash report.:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Cubase8.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 5459524a
Fault Module Name: Cubase8.exe
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 5459524a
Exception Code: c000001d
Exception Offset: 000000000206f610
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: e37a
Additional Information 2: e37ab3d4d24739f49e676e35e792b2f8
Additional Information 3: 5159
Additional Information 4: 51595abd4a7d27aadb4cad99166a59de

Hi Tony

Another thought, right click the Cubase 8 exe file and click “run as administrator” it sometimes works on programs I have problems with. Also maybe running the install files as administrator might be something to try…

Best Regards


Cheers Dave
i did that first of all …
i am now in the process of formatting C and start a fresh …
you know that old saying never change a winning system ? i wish i had taken heed lol
no i needed a new daw and i may as well jump in with both feet in the deep end …
But jeeeeeez i know there will be probs but why ant i just get up and running

After a windows re install … no change… wtf wtf wf… i have waisted a whole day just dicking around just to get a one program to start let alone working —
why is this happening ??
i am not a tech head but nor am i a complete dope …but i am out of ideas
anybody got a word or two ?

Just a thought Tony , have you tried your dongle in a different port ?

At this point, I think I’d see if Steinberg has a number - hopefully toll free number to call and get on the phone with them.

Sounds like you’re doing the right things and what you’re going through doesn’t sound normal at all.

Something’s definitely ‘knuffed’ or ‘flowered’.

[Saved the auto sensor the time and effort and just went ahead & changed what I wanted to type to ‘knuffed’ & ‘flowered’, since it’s gonna happen anyway.]

Yea, that’s worth a try, although I would think he should have got a message about the license/elicenser.

Update windows, and check optional update, it should solve your problem!

Could it be a Usb 3 port ? im only guessing but Usb 3 can be a Pita with dongles :wink:

JA they normally do but there are occasions that those licence error warning don’t appear :wink:

Yeah, especially if nothing’s working right for him within the whole program setup deal.

hi guys
i used a usb two my pc has three and five usb three .
i re installed windows three times reinstalled cubase so many times i have forgottenn…
i wonder if my download is corrupt ?

Hi Tony

Does Cubase get as far as showing the splash screen, or does it crash before that?

Best Regards


N0 Dave
all i get is the widows warning that the app has crashed