can't open CP8 on my laptop

Hi, I’ve installed CP8 on my laptop, installation went ok but when I tried to open CP8 I was told I have to use an Aero theme,
I’m already using an Aero theme…found a thread with instructions to ‘‘enable desktop composition’’ and followed them…when I got there I found that I don’t have an ‘‘enable desktop composition’’ box to tick…which was a big surprise… :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
is there something wrong with my windows 7 ?

any help much appreciated…I’m at a brick wall… :confused: :confused:

thanks, Kevin

The same thing is happening on my desktop computer. Installed Cubase 8 and it won’t get past the splash screen. I have tried enabling an Aero theme. Can’t make it work.
I see others have had this issue. I haven’t seen a solution which works for my computer yet. Cubase 5 runs perfectly.