Cant open Cubase 12 projects in Cubase 13?

Are Cubase 12 project files not compatible with 13??

Cubase 13 should be able to open projects from previous versions, same as earlier releases.



Cubase 12 projects are completely compatible with Cubase 13.

Could you be more specific, please?

What exactly happens? Do you get an error message? Or does Cubase hang or crash?

How do you open the Project? Is Cubase already running and do you use the File > Open menu? Or do you use Steinberg Hub? Or do you double-click the CPR file? Or is Cubase down and you double-click the CPR file?

Are you on Windows or Mac? Which version?


Yes the very first 2 times I got a crash opening directly from the Cubase hub screen.

I let Cubase send the logs to Steinberg.

After this. I opened a new project first. Then opened my Cubase 12 project and it worked fine. I was able to save it and it converted it to a Cubase 13 file.

I have had no issues since. I can even open directly from the hub. No crashes or errors.

Thanks for replying.

there are no problems for me opening Cubase 12 projects in v13 BUT I have had problems just like you describe with projects that contain Kontakt from Native Instruments. It crashes while loading and it will take me from 2 - 7 tries to make it open the project. Once it is open the project is stable. I had this problem since Kontakt 7.5 was released and if I have projects with older versions of Kontakt I might even get some error messages. then I must try and try and try and it opens. I have checked the dmp files and it shows Kontakt as the problem file

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I am pretty sure my project had kontakt tracks in it too.

I had performance issues on some Cubase Pro 13 projects, so went back to Cubase 12.7 to overcome the performance but got error messages on some of the files. - “Invalid file name”. Also had crashes in 13 when loading Komplete Kontrol, but not back in 12.7. After a few days recovering work, now back on 12.7. Will have another go in due course trying to pinpoint the inconsistencies with 13.