Can't open Cubase 4 now

I had Cubase 4 working on a G5 tower running Tiger before upgrading to 7 which is now on a laptop running Mountain Lion.

My dongle still works with Cubase 4 on the laptop but on the G5 it wont recognise the license and in the control centre it says the license is for an unknown application.

I have lots of projects with PPC only plugins and that use the TC powercore on the G5 so have to open them there.

What do I do, I contacted support 4 days ago and have heard nothing.

Do you already have the lates syncrosoft software for the PPC
And if possible let it update liscense database.

strange because last week I wanted to open an old song with extension .all… so I downloaded the cubase sx3 from steinberg website and the licence was ok to open this old Cubase.
And I remember that I asked Steinberg if my dongle can open a light version of cubase to give some course to my student and they asked that it was ok.
What can I say you is that my cubase 7 licence open my x3, Cubase 5_32; cubase 6; and of course the Cubase 7 here with widnwos !
did you update te the licence library of your elicencer?
If you really need, I can try tomorrow to find an old version (4.5.2) and try!
best regards

Downloading an new version and database worked, next question is can I make a backup of my usb dongle and run 4 and 7 at the same time on different machines.

I can’t swap the dongle over after launch because the machines are in different rooms.

No you can’t. You have upgraded your C4 to C7, which means you only have ONE license. That’s ONE Cubase running in ONE computer at any given time. This ONE Cubase can be C7, C6, C5, C4, CSX3, CSX2 or CSX1 … but still only ONE of them at a time.