Can't open Cubase after updating

I have just updated from Cubase 7 to 7.5.2 and now i can’t even open it. It was working great in 7. I also installed at the same time the Absolute VSTi Collection. I deleted some demo plug ins that could be the cause but it didn’t work. Now Cubase 7 does not open too. I have installed the latest eLCC and checked all my plugins and VST Instruments. I feel angry and frustrated.
¡Help, please!

I’m on a Mac Mini 2.3 GHz, i7, OSX 10.8.5

Cubase will surely work after a bit of cool-headed troubleshooting.

Corrupted application preference files can bring your Steinberg sequencer into all kinds of troubles, particularly after installing an update.[article]=223&tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[]=&L=1&#2

Thanks a lot SteveInChicago. I just did it and the issue it’s still here. The Cubase initial window appears reading all the plugins, then asks about the audio controller, I select one (MOTU UltraLite) and it continues reading plugins. When it gets to Melodyne it stops. I wonder if Melodyne is the problem but it was working fine with Cubase 7. Maybe I should install it from 7 again. In the mean time ¿More ideas?

The next step is to remove Melodyne to see if that’s the problem. If it is, you should search the forum for “Melodyne”, perhaps someone has had this issue. Also, edit the title of this topic to include something more specific once you find it, to catch the eye of knowledgeable users who can help.

In any case, you’ll be a step or two closer to a fix for this issue; people are using Melodyne with Cubase on Mac.

That did it. I had to dig deep in my mac to eliminate all the files related to Melodyne and Cubase opened. Now I have installed Melodyne again and everything is fine.
Thanks a lot Steve.