Can't open dorico files from Google Drive on iPad version 2.2

Hi everyone.

I just read the pinned thread about the awesome update to the iPad version that allows for easily opening your files on both the desktop and iPad apps.

However, I cannot open any of my files from Google Drive, where I store these files. Is this a me issue or is this one of the cloud storage apps that does not work with this update?

Thanks for the help as always!

This appears to be a problem with Google Drive – for an as-yet unknown reason, it shows all Dorico projects as greyed out and unable to be manipulated at all in the Files app. I’m afraid at the present time we have no idea why this is, but it’s not a problem unique to Dorico: the web is full of users reporting similar problems with other file formats.

For the time being, I suggest using iCloud Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive instead, if any of those are an option for you.


Good to know. Thank you!

To return to this issue: we have investigated this issue to the fullest extent that we can, and we have come to the conclusion that this is a bug in the Google Drive app. On iOS, in order to allow other apps to access files, app developers need to provide a file access extension that manages the secure transfer of files between different processes. The extension provided by the Google Drive app only supports a very limited set of file types, and Dorico projects are unfortunately not among them.

We are trying to find a contact at Google to report this problem to, but unfortunately we have as yet been unable to find one. In the meantime, there’s nothing more we can do to make it possible to open Dorico projects via Google Drive in Dorico for iPad.

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Hi Daniel,
Is there any update on this issue? I’d really like to use Google Drive :slightly_smiling_face:

No, unfortunately we are not aware of any changes that Google have made to their Drive app that would fix this.

I use a workaround for this. I can open a Dorico file on my iPad by opening the Google Drive app, selecting the Dorico file, then from the right side 3-dots, “open in” → “More” → “Dorico”.