Can't open Dorico files in iCloud on new M2 Mac

Hi, I installed Dorico on my new M2 Mac. I was able to authorize it and it works well, but I can’t open any of my .dorico files from iCloud. I can open .xml files, but the .dorico files are grayed out and cannot be opened. iCloud is set up on the computer and I was able to set the Dorico default save pathway to iCloud but I still can’t open the files. Some were recently created using 4.3, so it’s the same version. I created a new score, saved it to iCloud and was able to open it without any issue, so it’s only the scores created on my old computer that won’t open. Any suggestions?

I wonder if it permissions for each of those files? (cmd-I)

Probably the iCloud files just aren’t copied to your internal drive yet. In the Finder, in column view, if a file has the {cloud with down arrow} icon next to it, click on that to make it sync. Once that icon is gone, you should be able to open the file.

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