Can't open drum editor

Now I’m either being incredibly thick and missing something (probably) or do I have a problem?

Having just bought BFD Eco, I thought I’d have a go at setting up a drum map for it. I’ve never really got round to using the drum editor so I thought now is the ideal time, but once I assign a drum map, just the supplied GM one, the editor will not open. Either by double clicking on a clip or through the MIDI menu, it simply won’t open. When I do double click on the clip it just arms the track and disarms when clicked again.
For the moment I’m just trying with a BFD supplied midi clip, so when I turn the drum map off, it allows me to open the key editor no probs.
This ain’t a BFD thing either cause it does it with Groove Agent One.

Any ideas anyone?

I am not familiar with the plugin in question but if it plays midi files internally perhaps you could launch it from the rack?

Also does it have tempo sync of some sort?

I ask because I don’t understand what purpose a Drum Map would serve unless you convert the clip to a MIDI part or want to supplement playback of the file with additional notation.

Maybe you could post a question in the VST instruments forum as well.

BFD is an acoustic drum vst and its clips can be dragged into cubase and they convert straight into a midi file. I want to use the drum editor as this is the best choice for creating my own midi clips for it but you cant use the editor until you have assigned a drum map, I think.
But like I said, I can’t even open the drum editor to use with Groove Agent One. Clicking on the clip just arms the track so I’m guessing that this is a Cubase problem and not a VST one.
Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Hi Malenko

Would you be able to post a screen shot to help get to the bottom of the problem, since it seems very strange not being able to open the Drum Editor.


P.S. Here also is another post

Are you sure the Editor isn’t opening off screen? If you click on the Windows tab it will be listed at the bottom if it is opened off screen. Which specific Cubase version? Complete system specs?

My apologies to mashedmitten and Creatine_user for not replying, I have been away and unable to get any net access.

mashedmitten you were completey right! It was opening off screen so yes I was being incredibly thick
Thank you very much for solving my little hiccup