Can't open file: "Is a directory"

I get the error message “Is a directory /var/folders/mc/np0llnq97mxgfplpq9fq8wfw0000gn/T/Dorico 3/ocfsessions/session-d5e2/8275-5166-dc68-4fac/score.dtn” when trying to open a file I created about an hour earlier in Dorico 3.

All 5 autosave backups have the same error. (461 KB)

Since this post I’ve had about 5 more projects corrupted in the same way.

I’m running MacOS Catalina currently, I want to make a Mojave partition and try using Dorico 3 on that. Does anyone know if the licensing will allow me to use Dorico on the new partition?

Welcome to the forum, anndreyy. Sorry to hear of these problems you’re having – it’s more or less unhead-of to have multiple file corruptions. I suggest you urgently check your hard disk for problems and make sure you have an up-to-date backup.

Is your Catalina partition using APFS? That should be fine, of course, but if you look in Disk Utility, what does it tell you about the variant of APFS you’re using?

Hi Daniel, thank you for the response. My Catalina partition is on my internal SSD, using “APFS Volume • APFS” (factory settings) and a GUID partition map.

However if this is a hard drive issue, I save all my projects directly onto my NAS DS218j system (wirelessly). Maybe there is some interaction with that and Dorico 3 specifically because I’ve done 100+ Dorico 2 projects the same way without this issue, which appeared immediately with Dorico 3.

I’ll try saving to the internal SSD first from now on and see if the files corrupt again. I’d like to keep using Dorico 3 because the lyric pasting feature saves me so much time. (441 KB)
Working on my internal SSD didn’t work, another file just corrupted right now.

OK, I’m very sorry to hear this. We’ll take a look at this project as soon as we can and see if we can figure out what the nature of the corruption is.

Hi Anndreyy

We’ve found out what’s happening here. The problem seems to be caused by one of the Russian strings that has an problem extra character in it. I’ve attached versions of these projects that should hopefully load OK for you. Please let us know if you have other projects you can’t open and we can fix them for you. We’ve identified the fix and it should be in the next update.

One question: we don’t know how the text got this extra error character in it, so how did you create the text in the projects? eg did you copy and paste from another application or import from MusicXML? (919 KB)

Not sure if this is related to the error I get when trying to open a file that has a comma in the file name? It’s the same error message.

I have to drag the file into the Dorico window rather than double-click.

No, it’s not related to that at all, Dan.

Anndreyy, it would be helpful if you could provide us with one or two of the text files you are using to copy and paste lyrics into your project. We have a suspicion that the problem might be with how Dorico is handling one or more of the characters coming in when you copy and paste lyrics. Can you zip them up and attach them here, in exactly the form you’re using them?

The text was copied from Finale’s lyric’s window and pasted directly into Dorico, other times pasted into a Pages document as an intermediate.

I’ve attached lyrics and original finale files for two songs that had this problem. For #18, I’ve had it corrupt after pasting lyrics on two different attempts so I’ve attached the save from right before pasting lyrics in.

Thank you so much for your help.
New Folder With (875 KB)

Thanks for these files, Anndreyy. Copying and pasting the text from Finale’s Lyrics window into a text editor is quite interesting: I can’t at a glance tell what encoding is being used for the text, but certainly it is terminated with what my text editor of choice (BBEdit) considers to be a “gremlin”, i.e. an unexpected non-printing character. However, when I tell BBEdit to “zap gremlins”, it ends up mutating the encoding of the whole string, and all of the Cyrillic characters are lost. I’ve asked the people at MakeMusic if they can give any hints about what kind of encoding is being used there. In the meantime, I’d avoid copying and pasting directly from Finale if you can avoid it. Paul and Andrew have put in some protections against the symptoms of this problem, so if you want to send me any other projects you have that can’t be opened in Dorico 3.0.10, I can fix them up and send them back to you. And this problem should not occur in future versions of Dorico.