Can't open files from DropBox

I was very excited to hear about the new iPad update allowing us to open projects directly from DropBox. Unfortunately, after updating, every time I try to open a file from DropBox I just get a message saying “Error opening file.” I’m using DropBox 3.5.12 on my Windows 11 PC, and saved a file from there to DropBox, which I tried to open Dorico for iPad, to no avail. In the past I have been able to save files from DropBox onto my iPad and edit them there, and then share them back to DropBox to continue work on PC. Any thoughts?

We’ve had one other report of this from a user on Twitter yesterday, and although we discussed this in our team meeting today, so far we don’t have any leads. All of us in the team who have iPads and Dropbox accounts have been able to open and save projects with no problems. The team member who has done all the work on Open in Place support is on holiday this week, but I will also ask him when he returns next week if he has any ideas for troubleshooting.

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I had “Error opening file” in another situation. It may be quite unrelated to @Aaronjw ’s issue but … my solution maybe worth a try as it won’t take a minute to try.

I imported / shared into Dorico a MusicXML file from Playscore 2 which had a peculiar file name and this “Error opening File” was raised. I tried this a couple of times.

I altered the name of the file to something shorter and more sensible and Dorico opened it just fine. The MusicXML file was derived from a PDF score originally downloaded from IMSLP and then output by Playscore 2 and thus had a rather weird and very ,long file name automatically derived from the IMSLP URL.

But the shorter simpler file name fixed the problem. Could there be some issue with encoding / string length / whatever, that is in the file name of your Dropbox file?

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I cannot open any files from dropbox with dorico for ipad. There is always the same text: ”error loading file”

I have ipad pro 13” (2nd generation)

Unfortunately that person on Twitter was me as well, LOL

I appreciate the help though!

EDIT: So the issue appears to be fixed! Apparently my iPad had not been updated (despite automatic update being turned on, go figure). I updated iOS, and opening files in DropBox from Dorico now seems to work perfectly.

What version of iPadOS were you using before, and what version are you using now, Aaron?