cant open filterizer.dll on cubase7

hello friends…

i am having trouble to open the free plugin filterizer.dll by audio damage…
i have contacted the manufacturer of the plugin and he told me that my computer is to new for this old plugin
there are several fact’s that need to be aware of…
i have seen the plugin work on a different PC whit no problems
my computer is I5 whit 4gb of ram
and i did used this plug whit cubase 3 on the same computer im on cubase 7

can anyone help me whit this ishu ?



I don’t know this plug-in, but mabye, this one is too old.

Steinberg says:
Outdated VST plug-ins may render the application unresponsive. Please use only VST plug-ins which were built with VST SDK 2.4 or higher.

Try to read this thread, please.

as i was saying…

this plug works on cubase 7 on a different PC… i have seen that whit my own eyes

Which doesn’t mean, it will be stable on all systems. “Outdated VST plug-ins may render the application unresponsive.” MAY… it means, it could run on any system, and it might not on different one. …In my opinion.

but how do i solve this ishu ?

“Please use only VST plug-ins which were built with VST SDK 2.4 or higher.”

and what about plugs that we spend money on them ?

I think, update it?

but the manufacturer no longer exists :frowning:

It’s a pity. But you know, it’s the same, when you upgrade your OS. When you upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7, maybye, some very old applications will not work. But you will get lots of new features, of the system, more possibilities for other applications. That’s progression.

i guees the only way i can think of working whit that plug is whit “rewire” to another program…
can i rewire cubase 7 whit cubase 3 ?

I’m afraid, you can’t. Cubase unfortunately can’t work as ReWire slave. :-/

In my opinion, it should be possible to run any modern plug-in, which is host for another (older) plug-in. But I did’n try it.