Can't open GA5 in standalone mode on Catalina

I’m running Cubase 10.5.12 on macOS Catalina; the latest GA5 5.0.20.

I can open GA5 as a vsti in Cubase, but cannot get it to run as a standalone instance. I keep getting told a valid licence for Groove Agent 5 cannot be found. I have the latest elicenser software; I reinstalled it, reinstalled GA5, but same message. The licence is visible on my licenser (as I would expect as it runs as a vsti inside Cubase). Any ideas?

Has anyone successfully run Groove Agent 5 as a standalone on macOS Catalina?


Update: I can make it load in standalone mode by removing a second dongle on which I have VSL installed. Seems like it scans one dongle, doesn’t find GA% and doesn’t then scan the other dongle?