Can't open Halion 4???

Hi there!

I really have BIG problems now, have to have some tracks finished til next week but Halion 4 won’t work? First I had problem with Cubase 6.5, no sounds in both Retrologue and Padshop so I had to completely remove Cubase and Re-install it. I also removed Halion 4…

After the installation, Halion 4 didn’t show up in cubase so I tried to install 4.5.1 but it says that “Halion 4 not found - You have to install Halion 4”?? I have tried several times to first install Halion 4, then 4.5.1 but it just don’t work??

I have a Macbook Pro with Lion 10.7. Please could someone help me? Steinberg?


Hi there,

please get in contact with the support team:

I’m having the same issue on Mac OSX 10.7 and have also contacted the support team. Everything is ok on my Mac Pro, but no go with USB elicenser (latest download) in my MacBook Pro.

Hopefully this will all be taken care of soon. I use H4 a lot these days.

Fingers crossed that my scheduled support team telephone call tomorrow afternoon will put things in order. :bulb: