Can't open my project anymore after changing its name..HELP!

I was making a project [Untitled.cpr] in a folder named Untitled. After a while I came up with a name so I saved the project, then saved the project under the new name and made a new folder with the same title.

Now every time I want to open the project it gets stuck loading and then Cubase is not responding. I tried a lot of different things; opening it from the old folder, opening the old project, opening the backup files, copy all files from the old folder in the new folder and try again but nothing worked…

I do have the cpr file, the bak file and the csh file but it just won’t load. Anyone got a solution? Would be great!!

I think you’re in the wrong forum. This one is for Cubasis on the iPad. Try the Cubase forum.

Hi Isa1312,

Please confirm if you have issues with Cubasis or Cubase.