Can't open older projects in 6.5 just crashes

Hi guys. Just transfered my cubase 5 pc projects to my mac, i can’t pretty much open any of them. Just crashes every time. I suspect it might be superior drummer that’s causing it. It always stops on superior when loading before it shuts down. I know i can save the projects again without the superior plug and then transfer but that’s a lot of job saving them down again=)
And overall it’s pretty unstable too, the little spinning globe pops every now and then when i do something sudden and then it just shuts down. Guess i can live with the project thing but the crashes are pretty annoying.
Installed the latest update but no difference. I’ve done repair permissions and stuff like that but no sucess.

I have cubase 6.5 installed on my pc also and that works perfect, never crashes. And i have the same plugs on both computers. Running 32 bit version on the mac.

Anyone have the same problem? or a soulution? Im getting tired of seeing the crash popup=)

Ah think i know what the problem is! I always freeze my superior plug. And i guess cubase on my mac doesn’t like that. But the random crashes are still left though

I transcribe literally my previous post:

“Sometimes when trying to import in Cubase 6.0.5 a Track Archive created in an earlier version (Cubase SX3 or Cubase 6.0.2) the program stops working. The same goes for Song files created in those earlier versions. No problem with files created in version 6.0.5.

After some testing I’ve found that the problem is caused by one or several tracks with plugin automation. Eliminating this automation the problem disappears. However to eliminate the automation I need to open previously the Track Archive or the Song file. With files created in Cubase SX3 I have no problem because I have it installed on an old computer so I can open the file and eliminate the automation. Not so with Cubase 6 previous files that can’t be opened in SX3 or 6.0.5.

Any ideas?”

If your Windows setup works, I’d say load the old C5 projects there, save as 6.5 projects and then go to Mac with it.

Ye that’s what i’ve done, i’ve had no problem opening my c5 projects on my pc with 6.5, and i’ve saved all my projects in 6.5 before i transferd them to the mac. i have exactly the same plugs on both pc and mac. So a 6.5 project that works like a charm on my pc don’t work on the mac. weird stuff=)