Can't open or even find UR12 drivers on PC (Windows 10). All I have is "Generic ASIO Driver", can't turn off Loopback {SOLVED, KINDA}

The reason I’m here is because I desperately need to turn of the “Loopback” setting, which appears to be automatically turned on. In the UR12 Manual, it shows the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver”.

However, when I download the drivers from the Steinberg website, no driver called “Yamaha” or “Steinberg” shows up at all, anywhere on my computer. I’ve tried looking in the Control Panel as well as in my Program Files, but nothing. The only thing that seems to show up is this: “ASIO Generic Lower Latency Driver Setup”, which gives me a couple options, like “Allow ASIO host application to take control…”, but is NOTHING like the driver shown in the manual. I should be seeing a driver that gives options for Sample Rate, Enable Loopback, Buffer Size, etc.

My UR12 interface is currently un-usable without this driver, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!

{SOLVED, KINDA} - So I can only access the driver through my DAW, but not on its own. Not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be, but that is not how it is expressed in the manual.

Did you installed the driver? Just the download wouldn’t be enough… and after that restart the PC…

The driver is working, as I actually was able to access the settings panel through my DAW today. The driver does not appear to exist in my files though, only the installer.