Can't open project because it was created with Cubase 1X

I have a problem.
Since I’ve updated Cubase 8 pro to 8.5 pro, I can’t open a project with the cpr file. An error appear : “Can’t open because it was created with cubase 1X”.

I’ve never used Cubase 1X, this project was created with Cubase 8.

I read this topic, but I can’t open the project with Cubase 8.0.3 to add a midi track, I have the same error. I can’t find previous version of Cubase 8 pro to try each version.

This project contains final recording of bass and guitar, and all of the synths in the song. :imp:

Please, tell me if a solution exists, you will me win hours of work !
Capture d’écran 2015-12-16 à 19.35.35.png

There may be an easier way to do this, but if you install Cubase SX3, then open and save the file, then Cubase 4 and open and save the file, then you should be able to open it with Cubase 8. (You may be able to skip SX3, and just install Cubase 4, I don’t know. I recall there being something about those 2 versions that dealt with this issue.) Try 4 first, then if not, install SX3 and do that, then 4, then 8… (or even try skipping the 4 and just do SX3 then 8, that might work too).

Yea, this’ll take some time, sorry.

Your problem may be the file itself, but unlikely.

Your dongle will allow you to open previous versions of Cubase.

Thanks for your answer.

I want to try your solution, but the FTP asks me an ID and a password to connect.
Any idea ?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry but your project is most likely corrupted, forever.

I hope you have another backup of it …

Yes, this sometimes happen, for no reason, with Cubase …Probably a faulty plugin you used
during the process , and this little by little corrupted your Cubase session, to finally corrupting it forever.

Also another thing : do you use dropbox to synchronize your work on the cloud ? If yes , it can corrupt your Cubase session.